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HL2RP What's your vision for the perfect HL2RP Server?

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by Lord Oni-chan, Aug 21, 2016.

  1. Lord Oni-chan

    Lord Oni-chan Active Member

    How about we get a list going of traits of a HL2RP server that you like and would be on your perfect server?
    Mine would be the following:
    • Not having restrictions on RP, other than ones that make sense for the setting (Half Life 2)
    • Rebels being mostly under equipped or not equipped at all
    • MPF that are dicks and don;t speak to citizens, like "Hey man"
    • CWU that are actually on and running shops
    • Not seeing every citizen in a jacket and seeing mostly people in their normal uniform
    • Not having every door bio locked
    • At least one way to get into sewers that is open
    • Not using the most overused map ever, Industrial 17
    • Black Market Dealers that act like black market dealers and not a darkrp gun dealer
    • SeC not always on, always doing something
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  2. like yours, with variations:
    • Strict cops, though still helpful to some, but obviously not much at all extent
    • People having a variety of clothes, constructor uniform, some easy, simple clothes
    • Having only necessary union areas biolocked with slums available to all
    • Sewer being available but actually dangerous with gas, etc, lemonpunch & nebulous did that well
    • No high command, use something less sophisticated and, imo high command is impractical was made solely to grant authority and saluting someone with more brownie points than you is fucking retarded
    • no overusing tnb models like holy fuck, sure some of they are quality but i'm not a fan of downloading large contents upon large contents
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    Last edited: Aug 25, 2016
  3. Rhenz

    Rhenz What Comes Next? Crusader

    we seem to be having this thread every other day now
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  4. Sad but true
  5. Cereal

    Cereal big FAGGOT !1!!!!! Active Member

    • not hl2rp
    • not hl2rp
    • not hl2rp
    • not hl2rp
    • not hl2rp
    • not hl2rp
    • not hl2rp
    • not hl2rp
    • something original
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  6. willy pete

    willy pete i'm going to cut off your face and wear it Active Member


    a server that can create and maintain a great atmosphere. atmosphere is one of the most important things when it comes to maintaining a playerbase. atmosphere.
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  7. Lt. Dan Taylor

    Lt. Dan Taylor Active Member

  8. actual roleplay
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  9. klark

    klark α

    good, quality controlled roleplay, a lore and story that can be changed by the actions of regular players.
    not hl2rp, or atleast something with a twist on it
  10. "selling radio 100 tokens." :-DDD
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  11. Johnny 'Quickkiller' Josder radios: "HELP FUCKKKKK OTAS ARE PINNED US DOWN WE NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Alex 'FatStack16k' Gustafvenson radios: "Gasmask 100 Melon 50 lmao."
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  12. oK dude
  13. hl2rp that isn't generic "eastern europe..ur in russia dd: gommunism!!!"

    like take it to new environments for fuck sake, nobody wants to get creative with hl2rp anymore, its the same shit every server.
  14. Omega

    Omega Active Member

    not many hl2rp maps set in other regions though, and even still the government is global and people get moved around often

    imo only thing that'd affect would be the background of the place
  15. Vamure

    Vamure ur dad is on grinder Active Member

    hl2rp is kind dead, 2012/2013 were the golden age
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  16. Lord Oni-chan

    Lord Oni-chan Active Member

    I agree its dead, but before 2012 it was dead and 2012 then became its golden age. Anything is possible, except for a serious dark rp server.
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  17. klark

    klark α

    i wish i could go back and erase my mind and do hl2rp all over again, the wonder of walking around the city, getting mugged for your first time, getting detained.
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  18. Lord Oni-chan

    Lord Oni-chan Active Member

    Good times
  19. Synergy circa October 2014, under ace's rule with a wiped database. literally all the jokes about synergy stem from user2g. it was actually a semi competent server under ace
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 4, 2016

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