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[WIP] - City 17 (Build 210)

Discussion in 'Mapping' started by 221boy221, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. 221boy221

    221boy221 Kill22pro Active Member

    Hello everyone
    I have always been hoping that someday someone would make a full 'City 17' map, multiplayer ready.
    Now it's time.

    Welcome to City 17. You have chosen, or been chosen, to relocate to this thread.
    I thought so much of this thread that I elected to establish my administration here, in the CloudSixteen forums so thoughtfully provided by our benefactors.
    I have been proud to call City 17 my home. And so, whether you are here to download, or passing through on your way to parts unknown - welcome to City 17.
    It's safer here.

    Walk through the remarkable places of the Half-Life 2 singleplay.

    What the map has to offer:
    * The entire train station
    * The Plaza
    * An industrial area with working factory machines
    * Combine checkpoints
    * A huge nexus
    * Nova Prospekt inspired prison
    * Breen's citadel office
    * Live Breen broadcasting for all the big combine screens
    * A working pod system
    * An underground sewer and vent system with a few interactable traps
    * An underground resistance base and outpost
    * 5 to 7 shops
    * 3 (big) apartment buildings
    * The abandoned playground
    * Judgement and Autonomous waiver with special in-game scripted events such as the citadel walls expanding into the map
    * High quality (custom) textures
    * Secret doors and rooms
    * Dynamic 3D skybox
    * Fully (ground) AI Noded
    * Headcrab canister cannon
    And more...

    Although we still recommend getting it because there might be a few non game breaking missing textures.

    City 17

    - 5 March 2015 -
    Making of City 17 : The last Beta build [Teaser]

    -08 August 2013 -
    Making of City 17 : Welcome... To City 17

    -29 March 2014 -
    Making of City 17 : City 17 Build 181 [SFM]

    -22 January 2014 -
    Making of City 17 : City 17 Build 167 [Trailer]

    -14 July 2013 -
    Making of City 17 : NPC nodes, Crushing Citadel Walls and Closed Beta!

    -29 June 2013 -
    Making of City 17 : The nexus shooting range.

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvFK1WOeubQ

    -24 June 2013 -
    Making of City 17 - Weapon Stripper test

    View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omOaeNBMX28#ws

    -15 January 2013-
    Making of City 17 - The nexus, preview

    View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSTTVywrekU#ws

    -=The video's below are from the old project, the ones above this line are from the new one.=-

    -25 December 2012-
    Making of City 17 - Map preview

    View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z44AduetfiU#ws
    ^^ Click this spoiler to see all the old videos ^^​

    Download links:
    > Workshop (Build 210) - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=150899249
    > Mirror 1 (Build 210) - GameBanana
    > Mirror 2 (Build 210) - Dropbox
    > Mirror 3 (Build 192) - Dropbox
    > Mirror 4 (Build 181) - Dropbox
    > Mirror 5 (Build 167) - Dropbox

    Please note:
    > Do NOT redistribute, share, decompile or edit the .bsp and .vmf files.
    > Do not forget to post your feedback! Help us improve the map! :)
    > Keep in mind that the map is still in Open Beta, and that a lot of things might get changed or scratched.

    The doors do not respond to the +use command. Normally they are opened by being a Combine character in most HL2RP gamemodes. You can also download STools that will force open doors, or enabling sv_cheats to 1 and binding a key to "ent_fire !picker door".

    Make sure to disable all your addons, see if the problem persists.
    Still having problems? Download the map from one of the mirror links.

    Map created by:
    RedCatJack (part-time)


    Click here for the full list of Special Thanks.

    You can also support us by donating!
    Get your spot in the Credits section of the map!

    Last edited: Dec 5, 2016
  2. Bobby

    Bobby Sherlock's Playground Clockwork Customer

    Re: Making of City 17.

    Cannot wait for the release bro. :)
  3. James

    James Clockwork Customer

    Re: Making of City 17.

  4. Razor

    Razor Guest

    Re: Making of City 17.

    Nice bro, I still remember the times of SGN, when you were a little cunt.

    Look at you now, I'm proud of you.
  5. 221boy221

    221boy221 Kill22pro Active Member

    Re: Making of City 17.

    Finished the nexus, the new video is uploaded.
  6. RJ

    RJ no pay Legend Clockwork Customer

    Re: Making of City 17.

    Looking good! Keep up the good work!
  7. henoik

    henoik Cloud16 Official Support Staff

    Re: Making of City 17.

    Looking great! Neither I nor my community member can wait for this to be released!
  8. Soret

    Soret derp Active Member

    Re: Making of City 17.

    I hope it is not going to be 80% nexus, 20% citizen area.
  9. jamiecross

    jamiecross HTML and VB coder Active Member

    Re: Making of City 17.

    Lol Like city8 I know what you mean, lets hope.
  10. Datzy

    Datzy Guest

    Re: Making of City 17.

    Looks very promising, I'll be testing it out when it's done.
  11. Bloodprime

    Bloodprime WARPAC Lead Active Member

    Re: Making of City 17.

    Looks awesome! Excited to try it out.
  12. Re: Making of City 17.

    Looks very nice, can't wait to test it!
  13. Re: Making of City 17.

    Nice work man. ;)

    All add: Center rationing, store in the plaza, slum for rebels and other, area for civil union worker (apartment and the leader cwu desk).
    Nexus add: Control room (lockdown and other), armory, torture/interrogation room, SeC desk, DvL desk, OfC desk and break room for all units.
  14. Cz.robeson

    Cz.robeson Guest

    Re: Making of City 17.

    This is just Amazing, A LOT better then the heartbit made map which was just bad.
    Can't wait for this!
  15. Re: Making of City 17.

    When will this be done?
  16. xXlogatorXx

    xXlogatorXx Guest

    Re: Making of City 17.

    I hope he releases it soon, it looks like an amazing map ;D
  17. 221boy221

    221boy221 Kill22pro Active Member

    Re: Making of City 17.

    Hey guys,
    Sorry for not replying or anything and for letting you wait.

    Thank you for showing interest into the project, It's good to see that people want me to finish it.
    There were some huge problems with the map I was making at that time, every single brush was off-grid and that made me unable to edit anything...
    The old version was finished 2 months ago but It had some weird glitch in it which caused the buildings to randomly disappear when walking next to it.

    I decided to start over from the beginning and yet I've rebuild everything and actually 100% recreated the plaza without copy pasting from the original map.
    I have contacted the team who created the Fakefactory Cinematic mod and they allowed me to use their custom textures.

    Currently the map looks like this :

    The good news is that I have made buildings enter able, got some support from other map creators and have a lot more knowledge.

    Again, sorry for making you all wait this long.
  18. Kezter

    Kezter Certified Old Fag

    Re: Making of City 17.

    My eyes have just orgasmed! Keep up the awesome work!
  19. Re: Making of City 17.

    How long ago were those images taken?
  20. 221boy221

    221boy221 Kill22pro Active Member

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