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[WIP] rp_city34_v1

Discussion in 'Mapping' started by //waythink, Feb 27, 2018.

  1. //waythink

    //waythink Clockwork Customer Active Member

    As I've said in this thread's introduction this map is gonna be "maximally industrial" — for now, it's not. I took a deep look into the all my work and understood that I'm spending resources on non-detailed and bad-looking things. I decided to make a second district, which will be FULLY industrial. I made one building and also reworked the lower part of the bridge. Honestly, almost the entire team is dead. At the moment the map is taken care only by me and svensis (@pavel) .. we are still working on the sewers and also we made a bar (which actually looks like grizzly grotto from i17 for now).

    We are still looking for architecture ideas, just musings, and other suggestions. Don't forget that we are also looking for more experienced and interested guys that want to work on the map.

    (this one turns the music on or off)
    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ky8I_H2RVM
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  2. Aspect

    Aspect Hey Pal, did you just blow in from stupid town? Active Member

    Tbh you should rename this to like "Industrial #". Have it be like a different industrial sector from i17
    Or maybe thats a bad idea
    O well
  3. //waythink

    //waythink Clockwork Customer Active Member

    it's not supposed to actually be industrial17 or something connected with it. my bad is that I'm kinda fixated on the i17's art style, but ill try to imagine some new things. also, the point is that ive wanted to release this map as soon as possible - like create it in less than a year. thats the reason of all the problems.
  4. Aspect

    Aspect Hey Pal, did you just blow in from stupid town? Active Member

    Tbh I dislike i17 because every server uses it and I have gotten sick of it
    But this
    Its like
    i17 re-made
    And I love it
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  5. //waythink

    //waythink Clockwork Customer Active Member

    thank you
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  6. Zig

    Zig Legend Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Why rush it?
    This map is just starting to look like a dumbed down version of i17 the more you build it
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  7. //waythink

    //waythink Clockwork Customer Active Member

    yeah, you are totally right, Zig. I've changed my mind about the map already, so I'll try not to make a parody of industrial17

    thanks to all the people that are leaving criticism, ideas, and suggestions for the map here.
  8. BurningMadness

    BurningMadness Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Just remember to credit the autor if you copy somes buildings, its very important
  9. I think @Zig is right to some extent, but keep in mind that i17 is just a remaster of the art style found in the Half-Life 2 Beta, which isn't a bad thing to emulate. If anything, I think you should take a look at this map for inspiration and maybe some brush styles;


    It's got some good stuff, and I think it would be better for a colder, more grungy factory environment that i17 seems to lack (i17 itself just looks too clean and "commercial" to be a true industrial area).
  10. Aspect

    Aspect Hey Pal, did you just blow in from stupid town? Active Member

    Any updates on the map?
  11. Svensis

    Svensis Legend | Zigbomb Clockwork Customer Active Member

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  12. I like the look of it, keep it up man.

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