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[WIP] The New Union

Discussion in 'Development' started by Bismarack, Mar 28, 2015.

  1. Bismarack

    Bismarack The Roman days were the golden age. Clockwork Customer Active Member

    This is a placeholder for a future community. I will be working on a server that will be released in the summer. This will be a public server and will use the Triarii storyline in North Africa. I had gone all out on Triarii to only have my efforts wasted by another community, however I plan to play defensively this time around. I had written a series of events, operations, and campaigns in a notebook that had filled the 150 pages in real life, they were all supposed to be executed in the servers lifetime. City Nineteen was ultimately intended to win with heavy support from City 45 and City Eight, close allies of C19. In the New Union you will see that City Nineteen dominates all of Africa with machines, gifted from City Eight.

    "War was different back then. We had tactics, actual people, commanders, generals, and morals. But now, the world is dominated by machines, and City Nineteen soldiers. They formed the New Union, crushing all resistance." - Leman Lynchwaters, colonel of the 5th Battalion.

    Story: In 2016, shortly after the Universal Union had dominated Earth, the main SYNTHETIC force was forced to leave Earth's galaxy to crush two well-trained Empires, this force was about 70% of Earth's occupational military, which left behind, humans and Union technology. City-States were created shortly, and militarism came about, which led to the creation of the City-State Conscripts. Each City had a military, but the most feared was City Nineteen's, a city in Sierra Leone, known for their brutal tactics in combat, and relentless force in crushing the enemy. It was simple for City Nineteen, attack with combined arms, isolate the enemy, destroy. Another military was known for being massive, but untrained. This military belonged to City Twenty, their military had ranged from about 1 million to 7 million troops. Allies and treaties were quickly signed, and imperialism flared up within the middle east. Another city, which was based in Greece, was City 30, known for their popular exports and skill in trade. City Thirties military was solely based on airborne operations, being extremely akin to the fallschirmjäger the second world war. These elite soldiers only made up one million, but were known for their ferocity and ability to hold out for days. However, most of these cities could not stand up to City-Eight, advanced in technology, this city produced the highly expensive mechanized fighting units, which were programmed to be loyal to said City Administrator, and DISPATCH. However this required a voluntary human to be used as the flesh and internals of the body scheme. This would produce an elite mechanized soldier, capable of identifying targets and eliminating threats. The DISPATCH would also serve as 70% of the units functionality, which made these foes even more dangerous. These could now identify human behavior, emotion, and a person by looking at a retina or a blood sample. There were great drawbacks however, connection to DISPATCH had required a large antenna, which stuck from the soldiers backpack, if this connection was destroyed, the soldier was rendered useless. City Nineteen and City Twenty declared war in early 2017 for resources, water, which would prove C19 as the ultimate aggressor, having pushed C20 back to Tunisia. City Thirty had hopped in the war quickly, helping C20 push back C19 to their very own capital. In this wake, C20 would commit war crimes such as rape, slaughter of villagers, and cruel and unusual punishments for C19 soldiers. C19 had sent a message for their ally, City 45 to assist C19 in a financial transaction with C8. This transaction would put C19 in a massive amount of debt, however they received approximately 3 million of these robotic organisms, winning their war against City Twenty and C30.

    2018, a galaxy away from the milky way. The Union Naval Strike Force had been crushed by the two empires they faced off against, but this would devastate the two empires. The main Union force was on its way to secure the final blow, during the transmission, suppression devices were lifted on several planets belonging to the Union Naval Strike Force, allowing these populations to reproduce themselves and hopefully feed their population into this desperate conflict.

    2019, the war for North Africa had been over. City 45 and City 19 forces had swept up the last pockets of fierce C30 fighters, claiming total victory. City Nineteen, City Eight, and City Fourty Five had gone on a conquest and took over the entire planet, all three cities terrorizing populations with forced diplomacy, genocide, or worse. C8 was invited to a triple alliance with C45 and C19, for the deal that C19 would allow C8 expansion of Asian territories, and all provinces belonging to C19, for the return of an endless supply of police units and soldiers, which were created by an unknown industry in C8. Many humans were eager to become one of these robotic units, yet they would lose the ability to feel human and be a human, which was a tragedy for most young men and women. Shifting a few decades later, North Africa has calmed down to a point of peacefulness, however all military members belonging to
    C20 and C30 were rounded up in a special city, designed for members of the former militaries. This city had heavily emphasized on the C8 police unit to put down revolts. Secret police would be at an all time high in this city, able to squash out any resistance. Bar codes were created by C19 to label who was what. A blue bar code had meant you were a C30 paratrooper, you were highly watched, yet respected for your tenacity in battle and ability to inspire others, the C8 police units had almost feared these grizzled veterans. A red bar code had meant you were apart of C20, which resulted in low watch levels, but you received poor treatment and were often spit on and abused by people from C19. A black code would express you were a villager, which would mean you receive basic treatment, but weren't watched at all. Working shifts would plague the city everyday, which would forcefully have workers into camps to develop new technologies for City Nineteen. A City Nineteen youth was also created since the field came down, the new generation for City Nineteen, constantly reminded by propaganda and the City Administrator that they were the next step towards total victory of humanity. These children ranged from teenagers to actual children, they were constantly watched by the new C19 police unit, both groups having developed a sense of attachment to one another, the youth would stay near the police forces out of fear of the other inhabitants of the city, and the police force would protect the youth, feeding propaganda to them while doing so.

    Resistance would be completely unheard of in 2045, and if it was it was completely stamped out by the advanced DISPATCH and police units. You now enter this city as a former military member or villager, or an oppressor. You choose your own path in City Nineteen, the heartland of the fascist regime.

    Factions: We will have a huge variety of people to choose from, or factions to be. You can be anyone you want, as long as you have an application. As you start out, you will be able to choose from Villager, C20, or C30. C30 soldiers require an application, but it will be at the least basic, we consider C30 as elite leaders of roleplay, you are a role-model. If you wish to be a CCA unit, you shall have three options, but you will fill out a average sized application. Your options range from secret-police to a robotic entity, however, the robotic part will require further application and messing up as this important part of roleplay, will result in a permanent ban. Overwatch Transhuman Arm exist as well, but in short supply due to the efforts on the campaign for Africa. This will require a hefty application. Take note, if you choose to be a C30 paratrooper, you are most likely grizzled and not young, but you possess the skill to teach others your ways.
    We will have a City Nineteen youth faction, which is basically a children faction, however, you will be required to apply. ERP on child characters is strictly prohibited, and you will be banned on this server, and future servers I run, I don't understand what is wrong with some people, but once again, I will personally ensure you are never again able to play on a serious server such as mine.

    In regards to factions such as CWU, yes, we will be having these key factions in. CWU will recieve a gold bar code, but will still be heavily monitored.

    To conclude this, City Nineteen dominated the entire world with the heavy assistance of City Eight's superior technology, and now resistance is a mere impossibility, unless the A.I. is destroyed. This server will utilize M9K for expansion of weapons, and will be heavily controlled in terms of quality, our staff are trained to not ban you for disrespecting staff, we believe in freedom of speech and won't ban you for disrespecting staff at all, we understand how it feels to be wronged and treated like utter shit, believe me, I've experienced it too many times.

    Our map will use C18 in order for a basic layout of what we want and expect. However we also would like to favor the usage of @Saints Sasha City 15. The Conscript model will be a standard model from now on, however you will not wear anything else that is considered a bodygroup, the barcode in the middle of the vest will ICly be your red/black/blue/gold code. H


    Extra Notes: I will be working closely with several people with this project, however release may/may not happen, this is solely an idea and I couldn't stand the thought of closing on everyone in one day, this is to make up for the failure of Triarii, and this time around I will be playing defensive and aggressive if my community is threatened again.
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    Last edited: Mar 29, 2015
  2. Lev

    Lev certified honorable guy

    This looks great! I'm willing to try this out when it's finished. HMU!
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  3. GaryUserName

    GaryUserName There's No Girls With Dicks, Only Guys With Tits Active Member

    I loved Triarri! You'll definitely see me on this if/when it opens, good luck with it.
  4. Mixed

    Mixed removed Clockwork Customer Active Member

    This looks like good stuff for CW !
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  5. Awesome.
  6. Bismarack

    Bismarack The Roman days were the golden age. Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Is that a good thing? :p
  7. Yeah.
  8. Daemon01

    Daemon01 I've covered in wars y'know. Active Member

    Let me get this straight.
    >combine left earth for x reasons
    >cities / towns become nations?
    >cities / towns are fighting each other.
    >one city develops robocops and is the best city!
    "this is the schema HL2RP needs!"

    I don't know bro.
  9. GaryUserName

    GaryUserName There's No Girls With Dicks, Only Guys With Tits Active Member

    I think what @Daemon01 means is there needs to be a bit more explanations to everything and I also think the whole "mech" or Robocop thing is weird and should be changed to something else.
  10. Bismarack

    Bismarack The Roman days were the golden age. Clockwork Customer Active Member

    The lore has been updated to a hopefully cleaner state, I'm sorry for any confusion users may have had reading the lore, I cut out some fat but added the core basics. In regards to these 'robocops', they aren't really robocops at all with their attenna, which is a easy device to destroy, you have to actually think in this server if you want to try and resist, so please don't cry out 'robocop', these police units are actually trans human, with better technology and a very vital weakness!
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  11. Bismarack

    Bismarack The Roman days were the golden age. Clockwork Customer Active Member

    This is a heavy WIP, I'm learning how to use various editing/paint tools so I can make propaganda, this will be one of the posters but obviously not in this primitive state.

  12. GaryUserName

    GaryUserName There's No Girls With Dicks, Only Guys With Tits Active Member


    Credit to the people who made some helpful images. I found some small images that helped me on Google Images. They went towards the first 2. The last one I got a pic from the @puppy0156 sent me and I fixed up.
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  13. The Dovahneer

    The Dovahneer i can change my title Active Member

    oh god is that fallout
    looks like fallout
  14. willy pete

    willy pete i'm going to cut off your face and wear it Active Member

    Looks like Wolfenstein TNO.

    Anyways, hopefully this'll be a little more stable than the previous.. erm.. iteration. To be honest, there really wasn't much to do other than jump around the map and wait, but I have faith in this.
  15. Bismarack

    Bismarack The Roman days were the golden age. Clockwork Customer Active Member

    No, it's not from fallout, no way in hell I'd use those models ever.

    This will, I'm planning this one out more, and it's city, a lot more to do. I'll have the forums shelled out by May for those who want early applications, and we'll be using C15, so it's all something new!
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  16. Outcasted

    Outcasted i have terrible titles Active Member

    When I get home, ill make a few ads in photoshop, and if you need a forum manager to make it look appealing just buy the forum domain and leave the rest to me
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  17. GaryUserName

    GaryUserName There's No Girls With Dicks, Only Guys With Tits Active Member

    @Outcasted is more than capable of doing stuff like that.
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  18. Bismarack

    Bismarack The Roman days were the golden age. Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Fix me up a few logos and post them here then.
  19. GaryUserName

    GaryUserName There's No Girls With Dicks, Only Guys With Tits Active Member

    Just something I whipped up in a few minutes. I wasn't sure what the theme of the forums were exactly so yeah.
  20. Outcasted

    Outcasted i have terrible titles Active Member

    Nothing really special, I made the background transparent, if a schema logo is what you need, I can get that too if you decide a name for the community


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