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HL2RP xDeV - HL2RP [Looking for a Server Manager]

Discussion in 'Communities' started by Redbully14, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. Redbully14

    Redbully14 Clockwork Customer

    xDeV - Half Life 2 Roleplay
    So I never thought I would make a post like this, because I always developed for fun, I never actually developed with the intent of opening a server or selling scripts and such, so, I decided to show off the work I've done to some of my closest friends and all of them suggested that I start up a server, so I've decided to do so.
    The server is more or less setup, but, it still is not done. The server still has stuff to be developed but it's ready for a public release. So it is at a playable stage.
    Server Manager
    Server manager found! Thank you so much for those that were interested!
    Custom Content
    As I've stated before my server futures a lot of custom content that I have personally developed, also some old hl2rp plugins that were broken that I've fixed. Most of the plugins that I've made are minor changes, some are also major.
    Delivery System

    One of the more major things that I was working on was a Delivery System, it has a simple concept, you get a delivery package from one NPC and get deliver it to another NPC. It's simple and it's a good way to make tokens on the server. (One delivery mission can earn you 3 tokens). There are also contraband missions. Same concept and as normal delivery missions except they're illegal but they earn you more money. This is was pretty easy to setup and if you wish to implement something like this on your server message me on steam and I'll be more then happy to help.
    Armbands were a small plugin that I made, It's simple use; You get it as an item and you can equip it. (Currently there's a minor bug that prevents equipping it but I'm working on a fix within the following days)

    Your own Factions / Faction Locks / Identification Cards
    This is one of the futures that I was considering a lot, but I decided at the end of the day to implement it, It's also a simple concept, If you manage to run a business that is popular enough to become a faction, you can get your own faction and using the tokens that you've earned through the business you can get faction locks, identification cards for your employees and make custom items.
    Counterfeit Rationing Tickets and Fake Identification Cards
    One of the things you can get on this server are Counterfeit Rationing Tickets and Fake ID's. Basically on all Identification cards there's an inspect button, you can only press it once per 30 seconds. When you've pressed it it prints out in chat if the id is real, if the id is fake there's a 30% chance that when someone inspects it, it will print out it's fake.
    In-Game Application system (WIP)
    This is one of the major things I am currently working on that the server will have, In-game applications, the concept is simple, you submit your application through an NPC and someone can review it. Now the system is somewhat done but it has a lot of bugs that I have to fixed so it's not yet ready to be released.
    Loyalist Certificates
    It's a simple concept so I won't go that in-dept, It's just an item that confirms you are a loyalist.
    And much much more..

    These aren't all the futures that the servers feature, But it's just to explain a bit. If you have any questions feel free to send them through a reply or just message me.

    Server Release
    Server has been released. Join it via this link: https://xdev.mistforums.com/gameserver
    Server Website
    You can check our website here: https://xdev.mistforums.com/forums
    Questions and Answers
    As said before, feel free to post any questions, if you want any of the content I will release on the server, feel free to contact me on steam and we'll have a quick chat, I'm all for it. I'm a nice guy believe it or not so don't be afraid to just say hi to me c:
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    Last edited: Nov 16, 2017
  2. NoahtheBoah36™

    NoahtheBoah36™ Clockwork Customer

    All of that custom content sounds DOPE my friend.
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  3. Redbully14

    Redbully14 Clockwork Customer

    Thank you! I worked hard on it so hopefully it's as good as it sounds.
  4. cold

    cold yeezy yeezy yeezy Active Member

    i'd like to come on and take a look, is it password-protected rn?
  5. cash wednesday

    cash wednesday mothership reconnection Honorable

    is this the hero HL2RP needs?
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  6. Redbully14

    Redbully14 Clockwork Customer

    It is not password protected, Development server is un-passworded but it's currently only gonna stay up for two more as I got to do some database changes.
    Feel free to come on and check, this applies for everyone:
  7. Redbully14

    Redbully14 Clockwork Customer

    Haha, I've been trying to get in contact with various server owners to try and apply for development but most of them denied to even speak with me. So I guess at the end of the day, I'll do the opposite, host a server as a developer and look for a server manager ayee
  8. cash wednesday

    cash wednesday mothership reconnection Honorable

    there 100% has to be 20 something looking red haired female models or else im not fucking playing!!!!
  9. Redbully14

    Redbully14 Clockwork Customer

    TnB models are in character creation
  10. it sounds pretty interestin, i'll have to check it out if i have free time when it launches my man

    also i'm curious about how everything else faction-wise is set up, because if the ideas you've got for custom stuff and how you set up factions mix and blend together pretty well i think it'll be a pretty neat server
  11. Redbully14

    Redbully14 Clockwork Customer

    If you were curious to see how the faction wise stuff is setup, imagine the CWU faction and how it has it's own locks, this is how it looks in-game:
  12. SireElite

    SireElite what's the big fucking deal? Active Member

    no customer tag no server thread !
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  13. Redbully14

    Redbully14 Clockwork Customer

    lmao, too lazy to get em added.
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  14. chuck

    chuck notorious hacker and modder Active Member

    This looks like it's centered around a lot of custom content that probably wont be used.
    Not saying that this doesn't sound interesting or anything like that.
  15. Lev

    Lev certified honorable guy Honorable Active Member

    is that actually a rule now or are you just making a joke
    ot: sounds really good and actually different from the other servers on the board. i'm glad to see someone taking different approaches, and the thread looks pretty neat despite it being so simple. good job
  16. Redbully14

    Redbully14 Clockwork Customer

    This sadly is one of the things I feared, though at the end if something doesn't get used as much it can always be removed, and besides, it's best to have something instead of not having it.

    I mean it's common sense, if you don't own a legal copy of clockwork you shouldn't advertise it on the website.
    On the other half, I appreciate it, I decided to take another route to the community to attempt to kind of divert it from it's standard HL2RP looks.

    I'm working on pushing major updates and finally release the server TODAY. Hopefully if everything goes to plan I can finally release the server, otherwise there may be setbacks. We've already managed to setup all the necessary systems to make the server work so even if I don't manage to do it I can consider releasing the server.
    On the other half, we've also got a forums setup and I've update the thread with a link to it. Though I'm curious to see what the community wants: The issue is, I don't understand how the community's prospective on this is so I've decided to make a straw poll regarding it.

    > So the issue is I personally don't see any civilian roleplay when the entire server goes into the sewers and starts erping so I have an option to gas the sewers. NOW if I do decide to gas the sewers, there's a minimum-black market dealer (salesman) type of guy that sells gasmasks that you can get a low quality gas mask for pretty cheap. So I wish to hear from you guys, what do you guys think about it? And if we decide to not gas the sewers, I have plenty of other ideas that will make a balance between civilians and rebels. http://www.strawpoll.me/14406615

    Also, I've been receiving a lot of Private Messages of people wishing to help out with staffing and such, I've setup staff applications on the forums, Feel free to take a peek at it.

    Thanks for all the support from everyone.
  17. SireElite

    SireElite what's the big fucking deal? Active Member

    lol its a rule
    you can't make community threads or ask for help without a clockwork customer tag its aids ik
  18. cash wednesday

    cash wednesday mothership reconnection Honorable

    fuck no, that's a stupid idea. if you're going to do that at least make gasmasks very easy to find. and don't just make a salesman, that's just lazy.
    no, you just can't make support threads without having a customer tag. there's no rule against posting community threads without it.
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  19. Redbully14

    Redbully14 Clockwork Customer

    Thanks for the feedback, as far as the straw poll is looking I don't think I'll be doing it.
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  20. redcatjack

    redcatjack Moderator and Map Developer Staff Member Moderator Clockwork Customer

    Currently that rule only effects "Support Desk", "Communities" isn't effected by this rule... yet
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