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Your Airsoft Gun Collection

Discussion in 'Other Interests' started by Dan22, Jun 18, 2015.

  1. Dan22

    Dan22 Active Member

    Erm...... I didn't post that, not mine xD
  2. Generisk Løytnant

    Generisk Løytnant Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    I am a fucking retard. I'm so sorry, @Dan22.

    @prizonerzr0, I meant. Where'd you get your PDW?
  3. Dan22

    Dan22 Active Member

  4. I am a German Airsoft Player.

    What I got is:
    Ares Scar H - I modified with a Polarstar Jack HPA system - DMR Outer-Inner Barrel 6,01mm Steel with 8 Magazines and a DMR Mid Range scope with 1,25 x 4 x 26 With red-dot Real steel used on real DMR's and a Stainless Steel BI-Pod from a Hunting Rifle. + 6 -180 BB Mid Cap Magazines

    Walter PPQ Gas Pistol 0,5 Joule
    CZ 09 0,7 . 1 Joule GBB Pistol - 3 Magazines Green Gas.
    Desert Eagle 1 Joule GBB Co2 3 Mag's
    1 Tippman HPA Co2 Tank 3000.

    We Got No Orange Tip Rule so don't wonder why.

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  5. Dan22

    Dan22 Active Member

    latest installment to my collection, fully upgraded Tokyo Marui VSR10 (every internal upgrade possible has been done): shoots over 500fps with 0.2g

  6. oper8or/TehDurpLord

    oper8or/TehDurpLord Clockwork Customer Active Member Restricted

    you look like every edgy retard i've ever banned
    +1 holmes
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  7. Tyrex

    Tyrex Active Member

    excuse the shit quality
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  8. Doris

    Doris Active Member

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  9. Lobo

    Lobo Staff Member

    Wow. Poor of me, I do only have a G36, a Glock 23 and a Spain military suit. Just that, k, k, u win this round m8. @Dan22
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  10. Schulze35

    Schulze35 Clockwork Customer Active Member

    I have an ASG Ak47 And i have a SSG 69 Rifle. And a cute little Colt 1908
  11. Schulze35

    Schulze35 Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Damn, thats fucked up. But nice gear.
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  12. Roth

    Roth C16's furfag mascot (better than Cinder) Active Member

    no joke my mate sometimes brings in his airsoft guns

    he has this sick scar-l going on, nice ACOG with an ebs and a peq. wish he'd bring it in more but we're on a reserve base so, yeah...
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  13. Aberidius

    Aberidius Chief Technology Officer Staff Member Administrator Store Support Clockwork Customer

    I'd show mine but i sold it a year back when my job came in the way. I was working on a Metro 2033 Ranger Armor replica.
  14. redcatjack

    redcatjack Moderator and Map Developer Staff Member Moderator Clockwork Customer

    Cleared thread of shitposting, and non-airsoft related things by request.
    Please keep it on topic from now on, thanks.
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  15. chuck

    chuck king of private sector Active Member

    thank you sir! these minges, if you will, were ruining the thread.:rolleyes:

    here's my recent pickup. c02 blowback USP. pretty nifty.

  16. Dan22

    Dan22 Active Member

    Added a tracer unit, a stubby foregrip and a red dot sight to my g&g firehawk:
  17. Dan22

    Dan22 Active Member

  18. chuck

    chuck king of private sector Active Member

    wow thats a EPIC fail. to funny

    this is one of my favorite airsoft videos
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  19. Schulze35

    Schulze35 Clockwork Customer Active Member

    That video is so fucked up XD Poor little kid.
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  20. chuck

    chuck king of private sector Active Member

    kid deserved it... he burned the guy's patch!

    here's another time that they lit this IDIOT up.

    (honestly stuff like this make me want to play airsoft)
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