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HL2RP Your ideas about how to make a good Roleplay server.

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by Nyyrikki, Aug 12, 2018.

  1. Nyyrikki

    Nyyrikki Clockwork Customer

    So I was wondering how to make a server that could attract people for a long time, but, most important part, be at the same time fun and interesting to be in. We all like when game is not just good made and looking, but also when it rewards us with something that makes us want to play it more, because you feel good.
    I'm making fully interactible enviroment that can place people to a different conditions, when they need to act, when they can feel the atmosphere and be placed in a situations that needs their decision with questionable variants, interesting events where they can take part or even be forced to be in it without their own decision, by consequences this event can bring. This makes players feel their importance and the whole situation, it lives and their characters lives in it too.
    What is yours methods of creating a good playable enviroment?
  2. Aspect

    Aspect =) Veteran Active Member

    Have competent Staff Members.
    Do not have TnB.
    Do not use i17.
    Do not have a content pack with over 50 addons.
  3. i don't think there's anyway of fully measuring a 'good' server with any solid metric. from what i've found, it's really just a matter of trying out your own ideas and seeing how well they pan out; before adjusting them to player feedback and how they preform. don't expect immediate success, often times people with servers that have potential shut down due to impatience with the playercount. to directly answer your question, all i can really say is to be patient and open-minded to change and other people's feedback/ideas.

    just have a feel around for how other people run their joints and see how it works for you.
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  4. BurningMadness

    BurningMadness Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Yes the staff is extremely important, you want to be open to criticisms and to have an open mindset, also you need to be present for your community, lock rooms are the best way to isolate peoples and that's not what you want, you need a clean an professional information system like rules and more.
    I tested a server and after watching how poorly it was managed and how little of a fuck they gave me for my suggestions i just left and started making joke about them with a friend who still played on their server, they literally joined my discord to blame me for making joke about them, that's a bad staff for sure ! But it's not that rare, it's pretty common actually.

    About the content, try to be as lore friendly as you can, about some parts of the server you need to find the good balance between realism and fun like the OTA, on some servers they are godlike, on other they can be taken down easely, same for PK, do you want a punishing environment or do you leave room for mistakes or dangerous activity ?

    Communicate, don"t just open your server, you need to contact peoples, explain why they should try your server, what separate it from others, get feedback, show screenshots. If i learned one thing about community management is that you need at least 10 dedicated members staff included if you want to progress in gmod.

    That's all for my part.
  5. stray away from hl2rp
    it's boring, overdone, and there's a good chance your server won't stand out from the rest of them
    be original or explore another concept, there's countless shit you can do as long as you aren't lazy
    and stop making these threads, i'm positive there are a number of them you can sift through
  6. Two good ways to get players in my experience are to be very unique and to have a custom schema since people love eye candy, but preferably both. If you're dead set on HL2RP then do some crazy shit with it. DUST is a good example of that.
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